New York Foreclosure Law

The New New York Foreclosure Law. Does It Help You?

The New New York Foreclosure Law Is Retroactive: What It Means To You If You Are Facing Foreclosure A new New York foreclosure law went into effect on January 1st. Governor Kathy Hochul signed the Foreclosure Abuse Prevention Act right before the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve. The new law takes effect immediately. […]

New York State Lawmakers

New York State Lawmakers Push 6-Year Statute Of Limitations

New York State Lawmakers Poised To Restore 6-Year Statute Of Limitations On Foreclosures Before The End Of The Session New York State lawmakers are pushing to restore the six-year statute of limitations on home foreclosures. Last year, New York courts also gave flexibility to lenders and their deadlines. The Foreclosure Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) is […]

Dan Castricone

Dan Castricone Probably Violated Federal Campaign Laws

It appears Dan Castricone Violated Federal Law During His Congressional Campaign Dan Castricone seems to be pretty cavalier about violating the law for a guy who went to law school. It also appears he violated quite a few disclosure laws during his congressional campaign.  The former Allstate Insurance Agent ran on a platform of government openness. […]

Warwick Valley Rotary

United Monroe Recruiting Thugs To Intimidate Jewish Voters

Cryptic Nazi Group United Monroe Recruiting Thugs To Intimidate Jewish Voters In Kiryas Joel On Election Day United Monroe announced on its Facebook page that it is recruiting “poll watchers” for next Tuesday’s New York primary. The group is only recruiting “poll watchers” in the Hasidic enclave of Kiryas Joel. United Monroe is not placing […]

Attorney Dan Castricone

Attorney Dan Castricone And His Entourage Of Perverts

Attorney Dan Castricone And His Entourage Of Perverts Are On The Prowl  Attorney Dan Castricone is the one-man voice of the cryptic Nazi group United Monroe. Castricone is also famous for his constant stream of Jew bashing and cryptic Nazi rhetoric. Dan Castricone spews his hate speech every week on WTBQ in Warwick.  Castricone is […]

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