New Jersey Father And Son

New Jersey Father And Son Duo Indicted For Mortgage Fraud

A New Jersey Father And Son Duo Are Indicted For $2.5 million Mortgage Fraud Scheme A New Jersey grand jury indicted a New Jersey father and son duo from Bergen County for mortgage fraud. The New Jersey AG alleges the pair defrauded investors and mortgage lenders of more than $2.5 million in the Jersey Shore. […]

US Bank

Does US Bank Discriminate Against Black People?

It Appears Jim Crowe Still Has An Executive Office At US Bank US Bank discriminates against Black homeowners facing foreclosure. The bank is also pretty arrogant and cavalier attitude about it. An arrogance that I have not seen since Angelo Mozilo resigned as Chairman of Countrywide Financial. I have heard every excuse imaginable from lenders […]

Mortgage Fraudsters

Family of Mortgage Fraudsters That Scam Together…

Is A Family Of Mortgage Fraudsters That Wear Matching Orange Prison Jumpsuits Together The head of a family of mortgage fraudsters, Christopher Colatrella, 43, Wall Township, New Jersey was sentenced to 5 years in state prison after pleading guilty to 2nd Degree Financial Facilitation of Criminal Activity aka Money Laundering related to an investigation that involved […]


NJ Homeowner Beats SLS &BNY-Mellon Gets House Free & Clear

Oops! SLS Misses New Jersey’s Six Year Statute of Limitations I was sent news of a homeowner’s victory against SLS in New Jersey. It seems like the homeowner used the same claim that some of us in foreclosure defense we’re using here in Florida. Morris County Judge Michael B. Kaplan stated in his ruling against the servicer: […]

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