Nassau County Reverse Mortgages

Nassau County Reverse Mortgages Create Nightmare For Seniors

SCAM ALERT! Lenders Are Pulling A Scam With Nassau County Reverse Mortgages. What You Need To Know! It seems like Reverse Mortgage servicing companies are pulling a fast one on unsuspecting seniors with Nassau County Reverse Mortgages. They are showing no shame in doing it either.  Reverse mortgages are great because they give seniors who […]

Nassau County Foreclosure Defenses

Best Nassau County Foreclosure Defenses

Best Nassau County Foreclosure Defenses: New York’s Produce the Note Law Foreclosure Laws In New York Allow For Stronger Nassau County Foreclosure Defenses  New York law allows for strong Nassau County foreclosure defenses. Furthermore, state law ensures that the foreclosing party has the correct documents in place. New York law requires that the foreclosing party […]

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