REALTOR ALERT: Sales Down 25 Percent Due To Government Shutdown

Realtor Group Says Housing Sales Down 25% Due To Government Shutdown. Groups Demand End To Shut Down! The National Association of Realtors released its assessment of the shutdown’s impact on real estate. The Realtor group estimates the shutdown is having an impact on about 25% of home sales. The government shutdown is affecting 11% on current clients. […]

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Real Estate Groups Nationwide Riled Up As GOP Lets Net Neutrality Die

Real Estate Groups Riled Up As GOP Controlled Congress Lets Net Neutrality Die   Real estate groups nationwide and real estate websites are preparing for the worst. On Monday Net Neutrality officially died thanks to GOP congressional leaders. Net neutrality had become popular even among groups who initially opposed it.  However, certain congressional leaders and Trump sycophant turned […]

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