M&T Bank Is Ramping

M&T Bank Is Ramping Up New York Foreclosures

M&T Bank Is Ramping Up New York Foreclosures! Are You Prepared? Call 888.737.6344 Before It’s Too Late! M&T Bank is ramping up New York foreclosures. This is bad news for New York homeowners because M&T Bank is hellbent on taking your home!  Therefore, MFI-Miami has teamed up with several New York law firm to create […]

M&T Bank Foreclosure Defense

M&T Bank Foreclosure Defense

The M&T Bank Foreclosure Defense Team With A Track Record Of Body Slamming M&T Bank MFI-Miami has created a specialized M&T Bank Foreclosure Defense Team just for the bank’s customers. The team’s focus will solely on developing strategies for homeowners to defeat them in a foreclosure battle. MFI-Miami will also give homeowners their own personalized […]

Citimortgage Recruits Knuckles To Foreclosure On Retired Veteran

Citimortgage Pursues Foreclosure Against Veteran With The Zeal Of A Fat Guy At An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet All Tom and Sandy Lennon wanted to do in 2008 was retire to Naples, Florida and play golf. The last thing they wanted was a decade-long legal battle with Citimortgage. Unfortunately, that is exactly what they got thanks to […]

Brooklyn Ponzi Scheme

Victims Of Brooklyn Ponzi Scheme Sue Banks For Turning Blind Eye

Victims Of Philip Barry’s Brooklyn Ponzi Scheme Sue JPMorgan Chase, TD Bank, HSBC and M&T Bank For $36 Million Phillip Barry who has been dubbed Brooklyn’s Bernie Madoff operated a Brooklyn Ponzi scheme that began in 1978 and conned investors out of nearly $40 million to invest in his Leverage group of companies. Philip Barry was convicted […]

BofA Solves Liquidity Problem By Circumventing National Mortgage Settlement

BofA Is Circumventing National Mortgage Settlement By Selling Servicing Rights To Unregulated Servicers   “Are you aware of the fact that your bank is turning its customers over to a processor that based on the complaints posted appears to not only lack basic competency but also poor customer service? Many of the complaints are former BofA customers, […]

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