Mr Cooper

Mr. Cooper To Pay $1.5 Million For Illegal Inspection Fees

Mr Cooper Forced To Pay The State Of Maryland $1.5 Million Over Illegally Charged Inspection Fees Mr Cooper formerly known as Nationstar Mortgage will pay out more than $1.5 million to the state of Maryland. The state had accused the lender of illegally charged homeowners for inspection fees. Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh alleges Nationstar passed certain home inspection costs on […]

Nationstar aka Mr Cooper

Nationstar AKA Mr Cooper Settles With NYDFS For $17 Million

NYDFS Squeezes $17 Million In Fines Out Of Nationstar aka Mr Cooper For Violating New York Finance Laws The New York Department of Financial Services has announced reached a $17 million settlement with Nationstar aka Mr Cooper. The NYDFS accused the lender of violating a plethora of NYS financial laws. Lending Website Housingwire stated: The settlement shouldn’t come […]

Mr. Cooper Mortgage

Mr. Cooper Customers Say It’s The Same Old Nationstar

Mr. Cooper Customers Say Nothing Has Changed With Name Change From Nationstar Mr. Cooper Mortgage is the re-branded Nationstar and the verdict is in. Customers say the name is stupid and the commercials are annoying. Customers also say nothing has changed, They still receive the same low-quality service before the name change. The Los Angeles based […]

Mr. Cooper

Nationstar Puts Lipstick On A Pig And Calls It Mr. Cooper

Nationstar Leadership Lets Company’s Marketing Team Rebrand It As “Mr. Cooper”  Meet Mr. Cooper. The new name of Nationstar Mortgage. Nationstar entered 2017 looking for a fresh start and apparently a name change was just the thing. They didn’t choose just any name. They chose to name the company after movie icon Gary Cooper. Nationstar […]

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