I Was Quoted In A Great Piece By Darrell Dawsey At Deadline Detroit

Dawsey: People Like State Treasurer Andy Dillon Get a Pass While Poor People Don’t   With the digital age affording so many reading options, it’s sometime difficult to keep up with how various news outlets handle any given story. But as far as I can tell, one of the most compelling reports in recent days […]

Andy Dillon

Was Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon Soused When He Hired Detroit EFM?

Detroit’s Emergency Financial Manager’s Employment Contract May Be Invalid If Andy Dillon Was Drunk When He Signed It Steve Neavling at the Motor City Muckraker reported yesterday that Michigan Treasurer and former Speaker of the Michigan House, Andy Dillon had checked into a treatment center on the outskirts of the Detroit suburbs to seek treatment […]

Take That East St. Louis! Detroit Is Ranked Most Miserable City In America

Detroit Suburbs Rank #7 Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami Forbes Magazine released their annual list of the top 20 most miserable cities in America and the City of Detroit was ranked the number one most miserable city in America beating out it’s rust belt sister Flint that ranked number two. Detroit’s ranking really is no surprise considering […]

“Arbeit Macht Frei” – A Message From the Past, Now A Warning To The American Middle Class

All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again. Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami An ominous sign appeared at the abandoned Packard plant in Detroit during the past week with the chilling words, “Arbeit Macht Frei”.  The phrase translates to “Work Will Make You Free,”.  It was the same message that the Germans placed above […]

Burned-down houses become tombs for countless squatters in Detroit

Steve Neavling, Motor City Muckraker An untold number of bodies are buried beneath the charred rubble of burned-down houses and buildings in Detroit. Even when neighbors tell investigators that squatters are living in vacant buildings ravaged by fire, the city rarely does more than a cursory search. Police are charged with the task of searching […]

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