Citigroup Slapped with $8.6 Million Fine From Federal Reserve

Citigroup Fined $8.6 Million By Federal Reserve For Robo-Signing Related Issues The Federal Reserve leveled an $8.6 million fine against CitiGroup on Friday. The Federal Reserve stated the fine was due to the “deficient execution and notarization of certain mortgage affidavits. The issue stems from Citigroup’s exit from the mortgage servicing business back in 2017. The […]

Nationstar Is NOT Completely Exiting Lending

Jacob Gaffney, Housing Wire By Nationstar Mortgage Holding‘s (NSM) own admission, they understand why some people got it wrong this morning. It’s complicated, they say. The company announced that it was selling a large portion of its lending operations to Stonegate Mortgage (SGM). A source at the firm said the communications operations there spent today trying to clarify […]


Citigroup Follows The Herd Of Bankers Selling Off Servicing Rights

Citigroup Selling Servicing Rights as Banks Retreat The U.S. mortgage market’s largest lenders like Citigroup are pulling back amid looming regulations and a drop in refinancing that fueled record profits last year. Bloomberg via National Mortgage News Citigroup Inc., the third-biggest U.S. bank, is selling mortgage-servicing rights on $63 billion of loans, or about 21 […]

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