CFPB Proposes A Registry

CFPB Proposes A Registry Of Fraudsters

CFPB Proposes A Public Registry Of Companies With Disciplinary Actions And Court-Orders To Prevent Recidivism  The CFPB proposes a registry of financial firms when they become subject to CFPB discipline or court orders. The agency proposed on Monday to publish the orders and company information via an online registry. The CFPB proposal would require nonbanks […]

Mortgage Fraudsters

Family of Mortgage Fraudsters That Scam Together…

Is A Family Of Mortgage Fraudsters That Wear Matching Orange Prison Jumpsuits Together The head of a family of mortgage fraudsters, Christopher Colatrella, 43, Wall Township, New Jersey was sentenced to 5 years in state prison after pleading guilty to 2nd Degree Financial Facilitation of Criminal Activity aka Money Laundering related to an investigation that involved […]

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