Judges lash out at land trusts, call attempts to cancel mortgages meritless

Kimberly Miller, Palm Beach Post A South Florida company that persuaded scores of troubled Palm Beach County homeowners to give up their property deeds is facing more legal problems as state and federal judges challenge its plan to help borrowers beat the bank. In three recent court decisions, the firm’s actions were condemned. Fidelity Land […]

Miami TV Station Files Suit Against Strip Club Developer

The company that holds the mortgage on land where a developer wants to build a strip club has filed suit Lidia Dinkova, Miami Herald The parcel on the JFK Causeway where a developer wants to open a strip club is once again in hot dispute. This time, Sunbeam Realty President Ed Ansin, owner of next-door […]

Lenders May Pursue Floridians Homeowners For Deficiencies

Kimberly Miller, Palm Beach Post Floridians who lose a home to foreclosure may be more doggedly pursued for their unpaid mortgage debt after a federal audit that says lender losses can be recovered by demanding payback. That kind of collection process, called a deficiency judgment, is allowed in Florida, but has so far been rare. […]

Bondi Gives Foreclosure Activist Movement CPR

So Why Is The Foreclosure Activist Movement Responding With Such Hysteria? Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami On Friday night, Kimberly Miller posted a piece on the Palm Beach Post’s website about how Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was officially closing the AG’s investigation of deceptive practices committed by Florida foreclosure mills.  An investigation started by her predecessor, Bill McCollum as a […]

Florida Land Trust Victims Might Be Screwed

Kimberly Miller, Palm Beach Post For some, it was the last hope to keep their homes and so they listened to the pitch rather than their gut. They paid thousands of dollars, deeded their homes to a land trust company, and waited for the payout — a canceled mortgage, lower monthly payments, regained equity in […]

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