Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Say Judges Wrongly Allow ‘Robo-Witnesses’

Paola Iuspa-Abbott, Miami Daily Business Review Robo-signers, who broke court rules by signing foreclosure affidavits without personal knowledge of loans for banks, may have faded from the scene. But homeowners now are dealing with a similar lender’s representative who they claim infringes on their right to due process. South Florida foreclosure defense attorneys object to […]

Speedy foreclosure bill passes House Civil Justice

Orlando Sentinel An attempt to speed up foreclosures in Florida sparked outcry from both consumer advocates and bankers at a meeting in Tallahassee Thursday. Lawmakers passed a measure that would attempt to speed up the foreclosure process, which now takes 853 days on average, by making a number of changes to the legal procedures governing […]

Florida Supremes Rule In Landmark Pino Case

by Kim Miller, Palm Beach Post Roman Pino settled with his lender so that he could keep his house, but the Supreme Court wanted to rule on the case anyway. A Florida Supreme Court ruling involving a Greenacres foreclosure allows banks to get away with fraud, as long as they voluntarily dismiss the case, attorneys […]

Florida Bar Pursues Disciplinary Action Against Foreclosure “King” David J. Stern

Kimberly Miller, Palm Beach Post The Florida Bar is seeking disciplinary action against Florida foreclosure baron David J. Stern, whose massive law firm collapsed in 2011 amid allegations that it mishandled the cases of the nation’s largest mortgage holders by filing forged and fraudulent court documents. Grievance committees found probable cause to pursue punishment in […]

Idaho orders North Palm Beach “Mass Joinder” law firm to stop soliciting residents

Kimberly Miller, Palm Beach Post A North Palm Beach law firm was ordered by the State of Idaho to stop soliciting residents to join a foreclosure-related lawsuit that allegedly required them to pay thousands of dollars in up-front fees and monthly payments. The Residential Litigation Group was given a cease and desist order by the […]

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