United Monroe Special

Our United Monroe Special Gives You 50 Percent Off

MFI-Miami Offering 50% Off For Monroe Homeowners. We’re Calling It The United Monroe Special.  Why am I offering a 50% off special to Monroe homeowners and calling it the United Monroe Special?  First of all, because I want to and because I want to help the people of Monroe keep their homes. Homeowners in Monroe […]

Steve Neuhaus

Steve Neuhaus And His Inner Circle Of Grifters And Perverts

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus Has An Inner Circle  Filled With Grifters And Perverts Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus has a lot of questionable friends. He pals around with perverts like John Allegro and former Orange County GOP Chair Bob Krahulik.  Yet the most influential voice is grifter Taylor Sterling. Sterling is the current manager of […]

United Monroe

Does United Monroe Have Secret Sugar Daddies?

IRS Filings Show United Monroe’s Non-Profit Has Secret Sugar Daddies Rumors of who has been secretly financing United Monroe have run rampant throughout Monroe for years. Rumors that persisted because United Monroe members would get drunk at The Captain’s Table or Bourbon Street Bar and brag about the money United Monroe was raking in to “STOP THE […]

secret united monroe

Secret United Monroe Kiryas Joel Deal Causes Mass Exodus

Secret United Monroe Kiryas Joel Deal Creates Mass Exodus As Monroe Home Values Continue To Plummet The secret United Monroe Kiryas Joel deal appears to be causing panic among Monroe homeowners. Residential real estate sales have decreased 50% in Monroe since the proposed settlement was announced. Home values have also dropped an additional 20% since […]

Nutso Emily Convers

Nutso Emily Convers Crashes Monroe Property Values

Nutso Emily Convers And Her Jew Bashing Pals At United Monroe Are Crashing Monroe Property Values Nutso Emily Convers wants everyone in Orange County to pay attention to her Wagnerian theatrics about Kiryas Joel. She claims that village expansion will hurt property values in the Town of Monroe without providing any data. Convers also makes […]

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