Quicken Loans Employees

Quicken Loans Employees Get 50% Discount

MFI-Miami To Help Quicken Loans Employees Facing Foreclosure Steve Dibert of MFI-Miami, LLC is helping Quicken Loans Employees. MFI-Miami is offering Quicken Loans employees a 50% discount toward MFI-Miami’s foreclosure defense services. MFI-Miami has been hired by Quicken Loans senior level executives in the past.  All of these Quicken employees were facing foreclosure on mortgages originated by Quicken Loans. […]

Economic Genocide

Sorry Max Keiser But The 2nd Housing Crisis Isn’t Coming. It’s Already HERE!

The 2nd Housing Crisis Is The Fault Of Wall Street And The American Judicial System   The 2nd housing crisis is here. ML-Implode Founder Aaron Krowne was on Max Keiser’s financial show discussing the second wave of foreclosures that are predicted to hit the housing market. Yet, the coming apocalypse they are predicting is already […]

Morgenson At The NY Times Isn’t Telling The Whole Story

Morgenson Needs To Fill In Some Of The Holes Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami A couple of weeks ago, Gretchen Morgenson at the New York Times ran a piece about how JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America were forgiving mortgage debt on second mortgages that had already been discharged as part of bankruptcies filed by homeowners.  Everyone from […]

Why Has Comcast AKA ComCrap Blacked Out ML-Implode?

Comcast Censors The Internet From ML-Implode Since August 5th, we have been receiving sporadic reports from COMCAST broadband customers (and only COMCAST) customers that they cannot resolve ML-Implode.com, Implode-Explode.com, or any other IEHI sites or those hosted on our servers (such as www.restreportmatters.com).  This means they will get an error message in their browsers and cannot see […]

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