Donald Trump Like Herpes

Is Donald Trump Like Herpes?

Is Donald Trump Like Herpes? His Perrenial Flair Ups Are Painful And Are A Constant Reminder You’ll Never Get Rid Of Either One! For nearly 30 years, Americans have been forced to ask themselves, Is Donald Trump like Herpes? Americans have been forced to watch Donald Trump and his exploits play out like it was […]

Mitt Romney Slapped With RICO Lawsuit

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) closed a loophole which enabled crime bosses to get away with murder by merely ordering, or even suggesting, for crimes to happen. Despite the difficulty in proving a RICO case, those who engage in such acts continue to blame the law for their own criminal actions. RICO has been used […]

Mitt Romney Advisor Took $1200 an Hour to Be Countrywide’s Expert Witness

Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone Karma is a bitch. Just ask Glenn Hubbard. A few months ago, the Dean of Columbia’s business school was a leading economic advisor to Mitt Romney and a rumored (perhaps even consensus) candidate for the Treasury Secretary job. Now Romney’s out of the presidential picture and Hubbard – well, he’s just yet another […]

Is JPMorgan Chase Provoking A “Ruby Ridge” Standoff?

Alleged Illegal Foreclosure By JPMorgan Chase Against Vet Could Destroy Dimon’s Chances Of Becoming Treasury Secretary After a decade of countless covert incursions behind enemy lines and serving in Operation Desert Storm as a Green Beret, Jeff Reed and his wife decided to settle down far away from military life, the chaos of the big cities […]

Freeloading Homeowners Who Plan To Vote For Romney…

Freeloading Homeowners Should Invest In Some Plywood and Cardboard If He Wins Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami Since the U.S. Presidential race has heated up after Labor Day, All I’ve heard from the so-called foreclosure activist crowd is that they are all voting for Romney or the Libertarian candidate former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. There are […]

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