Mr. Hertel Goes To Lansing

Todd Heywood, Michigan Messenger The growing controversy over allegedly fraudulent foreclosure documents will receive a hearing Wednesday in the state House Banking Committee. The controversy has also prompted some public officials to call for repeal of Michigan’s foreclosure by advertisement process, and instead adopt a judicial foreclosure act. The DocX situation made national headlines late last […]

Andrew Buck PMP

Is Marshall Isaacs the Sybil of Robo-Signing?

Just Like Sybil, The Woman With 16 Different Personalities, Marshall Isaacs has Multiple Versions Of His Alleged Signature I received another batch of almost 60 different mortgage assignments and affidavits allegedly signed by Marshall Isaacs.   This coincidently makes 16 different and distinct signatures that allegedly belong to Isaacs.  Okay, who are we kidding?  The […]

Oakland County Clerk Finds Evidence of Robo-Signing

Charles Crumm, Oakland Press Oakland County Clerk Bill Bullard said Monday there’s evidence to warrant an investigation into document fraud surrounding county properties that have been or are about to be foreclosed. The alleged fraud may be the basis to set aside foreclosures for civil or criminal proceedings, Bullard said. In a letter to Michigan […]

Lisa Posthumus-Lyons

Can $11k Buy The Support of Lisa Posthumus-Lyons?

The Banking And Real Estate Lobby Buys Of Lisa Posthumus-Lyons Newly elected Michigan State Representative Lisa Posthumus-Lyons wants to screw Michigan homeowners. Posthumus-Lyons is the daughter of a former Michigan Lt. Governor Dick Posthumus. This former Michigan Lt. Governor’s Daughter received nearly $11,000 from the real estate and banking lobby during her campaign last year. Lyons […]

Another Great Article About The DocX Scandal In Ingham County

Yesterday, I posted an article and video clip from a Lansing, Michigan TV station about how Ingham County Registrar Curtis Hertel, Jr. was investigating fraudulent documents filed in his department allegedly signed by known Robo-Signer, Linda Green, an employee of former LPS subsidiary, DocX.  Matthew Miller from the Lansing State Journal wrote a more in-depth […]

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