Speedballing Boozer Judge Bradley Knol

Speedballing Boozer Judge Gets Token Punishment

Muskegon Judge Gives Speedballing Boozer Judge Bradley Knoll A Finger Wagging and Token Punishment For Beating His Wife  It’s good to be a judge in Michigan. It comes with lots of “Get Out Of Jail Free” cards especially when you decide to get drunk and beat your wife. Just ask 58th District Court Judge Bradley […]

Michigan Judge Michael Haley

Imbecile Michigan Judge Michael Haley Finally Quits

Michigan Judge Michael Haley Finally Throws In The Towel After Growing Tired Of People Questioning His Competence And Ethics Northern Michigan’s favorite wannabe Lionel Hutz turned corrupt judge is retiring. Yes, Michigan Judge Michael Haley is finally retiring. Haley is stepping down due to lawyers and litigants questioning his competence and ethics as a judge. He […]

judger michael haley

Is Judge Michael Haley A Kwame Kilpatrick Wannabe?

Judge Haley Is White Kwame Kilpatrick. He’s An Example Of Corruption & Incompetency In Michigan 86th District Court Judge Michael Haley has a past that would make a sane person scratch their head and wonder how anyone in the jurisdiction of the 86th District Court would ever vote for someone this corrupt and incompetent. Northern […]

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