Neil Garfield

Michael Redman Is An Idiot And Other Observations

More Proof Michael Redman of Fame Is An Idiot Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami Up until yesterday I only suspected that convicted felon Carol Asbury’s propagandist, Michael Redman, was an idiot.   After all, he fell for her bullshit and even lied for her by telling people he started and owned the website, so Asbury […]

Owner of Indicted For Mortgage Fraud Owner Carol Asbury Accused of Running A Straw Buyer Operation Kim Miller at the Palm Beach Post posted an article yesterday about how foreclosure defense and owner of attorney Carol Asbury was indicted by the feds for her involvement in a mortgage fraud scheme in the Versailles area of the wealthy community of Wellington […]

Blog War In Financial Geekdom Has Me Thinking

There was an interesting blog war that erupted last week between Paul Jackson at Housing Wire and Yves Smith aka Susan Webber at Naked Capitalism about a recent ruling in Alabama in which the Alabama judge ruled the PSA used in the securitization of a homeowner’s loan cannot be used as a part of a foreclosure defense […]

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