More Conflicts Of Interest Emerge For Mary Jo White

Jonathan Weil, Bloomberg Here’s the big question for Mary Jo White: If she becomes chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, where will her interests lie? With the public that pays her salary? Or with the people handing her the big bucks? White is the white-collar defense lawyer and former U.S. attorney nominated by President Barack Obama to […]

Is Mary Jo White Wall Street’s BFF?

Obama’s nomination of Mary Jo White reveals the president still isn’t serious about cracking down on big banks DAVID SIROTA, Salon If your first reaction to this morning’s news about President Obama nominating Mary Jo White to head the Securities and Exchange Commission is positive, that’s understandable. She’s a former prosecutor and, as such, much of the […]

Obama Picks Morgan Stanley’s Lawyer to Lead SEC

Jonathon Weil, Bloomberg The Securities and Exchange Commission couldn’t get Ken Lewis on any securities-law violations after he helped drive Bank of America Corp. into the ground as its chief executive officer. Now the SEC is poised to get his attorney as its new chairman — and Morgan Stanley’s, too. Mary Jo White is set to become […]

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