Disbarred Lawyer Mark Stopa

Disbarred Lawyer Mark Stopa Sued For Fraud By Federal Court Trustee

Angry Federal Court Trustee Sues Disbarred Lawyer Mark Stopa For Embezzling $1,169,426.36 From His Former Law Firm Grab the popcorn. The final countdown to the Mark Stopa saga has started. It is only a matter of time before disbarred lawyer Mark Stopa is formally indicted for fraud. What little credibility Stopa has left has taken […]

Adrienne Federico

Adrienne Federico And Mark Stopa: Snow White And The Angry Dwarf

Is Adrienne Federico Divorcing Mark Stopa Because Of His Self Professed Sexual Liaisons With Foreclosure Mill Attorneys? Adrienne Federico and disbarred foreclosure defense lawyer Mark Stopa have had a rocky marriage. It appears Stopa’s legal issues and loss of income have put further strains on an already tumultuous relationship. As a result, Adrienne Federico appears […]

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