Ganja REIT

Ganja REIT Outperforming Other Real Estate Investment Trusts

Ganja REIT Specializing In Financing Marijuana Farms Becomes The Best Performing REIT In The USA Innovative Industrial Properties Inc. specializes in financing Ganja related properties. The company has tapped into a niche market conservative Wall Street has traditionally run from. Yet, Innovative’s Ganja REIT has become the best-performing real estate investment trust in the United States.  […]


Ganja Creates Real Estate Gold Rush In California

Real Estate Investors Flock To California Ahead Of Legalization Of Recreational Ganja Real estate investors are flocking to California as the golden state is about the legalize recreational ganja use. The state will begin issuing temporary licenses for “cannabis commercial activity” on Jan. 1, 2018. Permanent licensing to follow within 120 days. This highly anticipated event […]

Wannabe Terrorist Ted Visner

Wannabe Terrorist Ted Visner Now A Wannabe Drug Kingpin

Wannabe Terrorist Ted Visner Solicits Potential Investors On Youtube For Illegal Marijuana Plantation and Grow House It appears that convicted squatter and wannabe terrorist Ted Visner has run out of impressionable women in mid-Michigan to swindle welfare and child support checks from. The wannabe terrorist and convicted squatter has a new scheme to make money. The wannabe terrorist posted […]

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