14500 Long Islanders

14500 Long Islanders Are In Mortgage Default

14500 Long Islanders Are In Mortgage Default As The New York State Foreclosure Moratorium Ends Tomorrow 14500 Long Islanders are in some phase of foreclosure according court records. They could be forced out of their homes by the courts as early as Labor Day 2022. Homeowners need to step up their game if they are […]

long island foreclosures

Long Island Foreclosures Need Strong Long Island Foreclosure Defense

Long Island Foreclosures Require Aggressive Long Island Foreclosure Defense Only the most aggressive Long Island foreclosure defense can stop Long Island foreclosures. Have you been served with a foreclosure summons and complaint from the New York Supreme Court? MFI-Miami may be able to help you stay in your home. MFI-Miami is taking Long Island foreclosure […]

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