Wells Fargo private mods outnumber HAMP 5 to 1

Jon Prior, Housing Wire Wells Fargo completed or started trials on roughly 585,000 mortgage modifications through its private programs since the beginning of 2009, more than five times the 101,000 initiated through the Home Affordable Modification Program. HAMP launched in March 2009 but almost immediately drew criticism. Treasury officials admit the more than 3 million […]

mortgage activists

I Didn’t Realize MFI-Miami Was So Popular With Mortgage Activists

Mortgage Activists Can’t Get enough Of MFI-Miami I’ve written several articles about the army of mortgage activists that have sprung up in Florida. This is mainly due to people like Neil Garfield. Garfield, in my opinion, gives bad advice to homeowners. People like Garfield make homeowners believe that foreclosure defense is a “Do-It-Yourself” endeavor. I’m […]

MFI-Miami Client

MFI-Miami Client From Northern Michigan Sues Bank of America and Its Attorneys

MFI-Miami Client Lynne Lucas From Northern Michigan Sues Bank of America and Orlans Associates Several months back I wrote an article about Lynne Lucas, an MFI-Miami client who had been put through a living nightmare by Bank of America when she attempted to negotiate a loan modification.  Last week, Ms. Lucas’s attorney, William Maxwell filed […]

Obama Administration in a Scramble to Do Something Right for Housing Market

Martin Andelman, ML-Implode The 18th Amendment and accompanying Volstead Act that banned alcohol wasn’t all that red hot an idea.  It didn’t work worth a darn, and it provided funding for the birth of organized crime. Nixon’s operatives breaking into and bugging the Democratic headquarters when McGovern had no chance of beating Nixon in 1972, was […]

“CHASE is in the foreclosure business, not the modification business,” Says Former Employee

Martin Andelman, ML-Implode “JPMorgan CHASE is in the foreclosure business, not the modification business’.”  That, according to Jerad Bausch, who until quite recently was an employee of CHASE’s mortgage servicing division working in the foreclosure department in Rancho Bernardo, California. I was recently introduced to Jerad and he agreed to an interview.  (Christmas came early […]

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