specialized loan servicing warning

Specialized Loan Servicing Warning! SLS Is Pursuing Zombie Debt

Specialized Loan Servicing Warning! Specialized Loan Servicing Is Shaking Down You Down Over Uncollectable Zombie 2nd Mortgages MFI-Miami is issuing a Specialized Loan Servicing Warning! Armies of bottom-feeding lawyers armed with thousands of zombie foreclosures coming to your front door! They are barging down the doors of courthouses across New York like Walmart shoppers on […]

sls scam alert

SLS Scam Alert: SLS Busted Shaking Down New Yorkers

SLS SCAM ALERT: Specialized Loan Servicing Is Shaking Down New York Homeowners Over Zombie Loans. However, SLS Can’t Prove They Own The Debt.  SLS SCAM ALERT! SLS is at it again! They are shaking down New York homeowners again. This time they are acting like a mafia crime boss. Unfortunately, this time it appears Specialized […]

JPMorgan Chase Is Sparking

JPMorgan Chase Is Sparking Up Foreclosures In New York

JPMorgan Chase Is Sparking Up New York Foreclosures! Are You Prepared? Call 888.737.6344 Before It’s Too Late! JPMorgan Chase is sparking up New York foreclosures. This is bad news for New York homeowners because JPMorgan Chase is hellbent on taking your home!  Therefore, MFI-Miami has teamed up with several New York law firm to create […]

JPMorgan Chase Alert

JPMorgan Chase Alert! Can JPM-Chase Validate Your Mortgage?

JPMorgan Chase Alert! It’s More Than Likely JPMorgan Chase Can’t Validate Your Mortgage Debt Or Prove Standing To Foreclose On Your Old WaMu Loan! MFI-Miami Has Issued A JPMorgan Chase Alert! JPMorgan Chase Inherited a Nightmare From WaMu JPMorgan Chase acquired Washington Mutual’s mortgage assets in 2008. Little did they know that a decade later […]


JPMorgan Gave Client Data To Convicted Felons

FINRA Reports JPMorgan Chase Gave Convicted Felons Access To Client Data The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority or FINRA is claiming JPMorgan Chase hired ex-cons into jobs that could access clients’ bank-account information. FINRA said the banking behemoth failed to perform proper background screenings on as many as 8,670 employees from January 2009 to May of […]

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