Attorney Anthony Colleluori

Attorney Anthony Colleluori: The Lionel Hutz Of Long Island

Long Island Attorney Anthony Colleluori Makes Baffoon Lawyer Lionel Hutz From The Simpsons Look Competent  Let’s face it. After 12 years of doing foreclosure defense, I have seen some bat-shit crazy and incompetent lawyers. Yet, no one has risen to the level of incompetence as Long Island Attorney Anthony Colleluori of Raiser Kenniff PC The […]

Why Isn’t The Detroit EFM Talking About Reclaiming The $5B Lost Because Of UBS LIBOR Manipulation?

Because Detroit’s New Lawyers Represent The Major Banks That Financially Raped Detroit   Detroit’s Emergency Financial Manager Kevyn Orr released his first 45 day report about the City of Detroit’s financial situation.  As you can imagine, the report doesn’t paint a very pretty picture for the city.   Although, disappointing, it really wasn’t a surprise […]

Kevyn Orr

Is Detroit’s New Emergency Financial Manager Kevyn Orr A Patsy?

MI Governor Snyder Is Either An Inept Leader Or A Master Of The Machiavellian Arts By Picking Kevyn Orr Okay, I admit, I don’t have a business degree from Harvard, Yale or even Wharton Business School but I do know how to spot when someone is being set up as a fall guy or as […]

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