bank of america

Is Bank of America Causing A Squatting Problem In Detroit?

The Flawed Business Model Of Bank of America Flawed Business Model Is Contributing To The Squatting Problem In Detroit One of the biggest problems the U.S. is having right now in fixing the housing crisis. Reforming banks like Bank of America is the key. A racist lawyer from Idaho tried to convince me the financial […]

Pyramid Scheme Marketeers

Pyramid Scheme Marketeers Offers Up The Final Solution Of Austerity

The Family Of Pyramid Scheme Marketeers Plan To Ravage The Treasures Of Michigan Is Becoming A Reality Last week, European-style austerity landed in America thanks to Michigan’s biggest Pyramid Scheme Marketeers. Austerity washed up on the banks of the Detroit River. Unfortunately, the masses were an army of rabid GOP politicians. All bought and paid […]

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