Crybaby Ryan Boylston

Is Florida Attorney Justin Bennett An Idiot? You Be The Judge!

Florida Attorney Justin Bennett Sends Out Crazy Cease And Desist Letters Filled With Insane Threats And Bizarre Allegations Several weeks ago, I wrote an article about Delray Beach Commissioner Ryan Boylston. The article got passed around Delray Beach and was the talk of the town. The reaction was shock and dismay. To put it simply, […]

Crybaby Ryan Boylston

Crybaby Ryan Boylston Threatens To Break Florida Law To Silence Critic

Crybaby Ryan Boylston Foolishly Threatens To Break Florida Law To Silence MFI-Miami  Most public figures or politicians just shrug off critics and the negative things people write about them. After all, to be in the public eye in the internet age takes some serious tough skin and brass cojones. Unfortunately, it appears crybaby Ryan Boylston […]

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