Oakland county Circuit Court

Do Americans Judges Follow The Law? 67 Percent Of Americans Say No

67 Percent Of Americans Say American Judges Don’t Follow The Law. Michigan Judges Are A Perfect Example Why People Don’t Trust The Judicial System Anyone involved in foreclosure defense will agree with this new poll released last week from Rasmussen. It basically says the majority of Americans don’t trust judges who sit on the bench. […]

Oakland county Circuit Court

Michigan COA Ruling Exposes Problems At The Oakland County Circuit Court

It’s Time To Engage Oakland County Circuit Court Candidates And Hold Them Accountable Last week, the Michigan Court of Appeals or COA reversed a foreclosure action that had been upheld by the Oakland County Circuit Court in Michigan.  In Everbank v Zeer, the COA ruled that  the Circuit Court ruled incorrectly and that there is evidence […]

Welcome to Café Orlans, Specials Are Perjury and Conspiracy Prepared By Chef Marshall Isaacs

Entree By Marshall Isaacs With Judicial Incompetence By Judge Martha Anderson For Dessert Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami I’ve written a couple times about my client with the Small Cell Carcinoma who was jerked around by Bank of America about a loan modification and was then illegally foreclosed on by Bank of America’s foreclosure mill, Orlans Associates. […]

oakland county circuit court

Queen Of The Oakland County Circuit Court Needs To Fire Her Script Writer

Queen Of The Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Martha Anderson Needs To Fire Her Script Writer It was quite the contest to find the inaugural recipient of the Home Wrecker of the Week but after watching this person wield the sword of justice like a chimpanzee trying to write a Shakespearian epic, there was absolutely […]

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