Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue Service Sent 665 Bogus Refund Checks To Lithuania

Internal Revenue Service Sent $3.2 Billion in Bogus Refunds Were Sent Around The World In 2011 The Internal Revenue Service sent 655 tax refunds to a single address in Kaunas, Lithuania — failing to recognize that the refunds were likely part of an identity theft scheme. Another 343 tax refunds went to a single address […]

Housing Crisis

U.S. Faces Another Housing Crisis Because Of The Government Shutdown

Housing Crisis On The Horizon All Because The House GOP Can’t Get Their Way On ObamaCare Congressional Republicans are so blinded with rage that they could create another housing crisis. All because that a black man got elected President of the United States twice and that their 40 plus attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care […]

Are Florida Courts Letting JPMorgan Chase Steal OJ Simpson’s House?

Like The Average Homeowner, It Appears JPMorgan Chase & The Miami-Dade Courts Are Railroading OJ Simpson   It appears former professional football player and actor, OJ Simpson is having his due process rights violated. Simpson is currently serving time at the Lovelack Correctional Facility in northwest Nevada after being convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery […]

star trek fan films

Congress Furious That IRS Spent $60K Making Horrible Star Trek Fan Films

BAK TAG! Will Acting IRS Commissioner Live Long And Prosper In His Current Position After Making Star Trek Fan Films? Okay I admit, I’ve gone to my fair share of comic book conventions. These conventions are filled with hordes of Star Trek fan films. In addition to fan-made costumes and art. If you’re lucky you […]

If The Mortgage Deduction Is So Popular, Why Isn’t Anyone Claiming It?

Mortgage deduction is popular, but few claim it Gregory Korte, USA Today Designed to boost homeownership, the mortgage interest deduction is one of the most popular provisions of the tax code. But Internal Revenue Service data show that only a quarter of tax filers claim it. The use of the deduction varies widely from region […]

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