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Russian Hacker Indicted For $1.5 Million IRS Cyber Tax Fraud Scheme

Russian Hacker Indicted For Hacking Tax Preparation Companies And Scamming $1.5 Million From The IRS Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn handed down an indictment against Russian hacker Anton Bogdanov. The feds charged the Russian hacker with wire fraud conspiracy and aggravated identity theft. Bogdanov used stolen personal information to file fake federal tax returns. Consequently, he […]

Suspended Attorney Busted In $3 Billion Pump-And-Dump Scam

Suspended Attorney Christopher Davies Busted In $3 Billion Pump-And-Dump Scam Crooked lawyer Christopher Davies was busted for his involvement in a $3 Billion pump-and-dump scam. The indictments allege securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud. The government also indicted Davies for wire fraud and aggravated identity theft in connection with the scheme.  A federal […]

Top ICE Lawyer Busted For Stealing Immigrants’ Identities

ICE Lawyer Raphael Sanchez Accused Of Stealing The Identities Of Seven Immigrants Under Review By ICE ICE Lawyer Raphael Sanchez is accused of stealing the identities of multiple immigrants. Sanchez is the Chief ICE Lawyer for Seattle. The alleged scheme took place between October 2013 and October 2017.  Prosecutors alleged Sanchez stole the name and […]

ID Theft

Florida Man Indicted In Detroit for ID Theft and Bank Fraud

Florida Man Indicted In Detroit for ID Theft and Committing Bank Fraud Acting United States Attorney Daniel L. Lemisch in Detroit announced the indictment against Kyle Cameron of Fort Lauderdale. The government has charged Kyle Cameron with 17 counts of bank fraud and aggravated ID theft. Kyle Cameron executed the bank fraud scheme in Michigan […]


Experian Data Breach Has Consumers Disputing Information

Experian Data Breach Has Consumers Flocking To Bureau’s Website To Dispute Information The news of the Experian data breach two years ago had our phones ringing. Now with news of the Equifax breach, the phones are ringing again. Consumers want to know if their private information is safe from identity thieves. They also want to […]

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