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Florida HOA Scam Alert: Judge Orders HOA to Pay Residents $35 Million

Florida HOA Scam Alert: HOA to Pay Residents $35 Million For Scamming Them MFI-Miami has issued a Florida HOA Scam Alert for all residents who live under the tyranny of an HOA. Here is why: The 5,000 residents of the 55-plus Solivita development were scammed out of a whopping $35 million by the Poinciana Community […]

new york state trooper

Former New York State Trooper Faces Foreclosure Over $25 HOA Fee

Former New York State Trooper David Silva’s $25 HOA Late Fee Has Turned Into A $47,554 Foreclosure  Former New York State Trooper David Silva didn’t believe he deserved the $25 late fee from his HOA. So he refused to pay. Apparently, the trouble began when his condo switched property managers in June 2015.  Silva’s maintenance check for […]


Goosestepping HOA Snatches Home For Unpaid $1900 Bill

Family Loses Home After Goose Stepping Members Of The Waters Edge HOA Sells Their Mortgage-Free Home For Unpaid $1900 HOA Dues. Katelyn Annis and her family are now homeless thanks to their greedy goose stepping HOA. The Waters Edge Homeowners Association foreclosed and sold Katelyn Annis’s home in Port Orange, Florida at auction to collect $1,900 […]

Post-Foreclosure Filing Note Endorsement

Another Post-Foreclosure Note Endorsement Smacked Down

This Post-Foreclosure Note Endorsement Ruling Could Lead To Bigger Problems For Bank Of America The Florida Appellate Court shot down another post-foreclosure note endorsement. Last week, Florida’s 2nd DCA issued an opinion smacking down the post-foreclosure note endorsement in the appellate case of THE EAGLES MASTER ASSOCIATION, INC.; and ST. ANDREWS AT THE EAGLES, INC., v. Bank of America, […]

Broward County Passes Law Requiring HOAs To Give Rejection Letters

Seniors Who Make Up A Large Majority Of HOA Boards Complain Broward County Commissioners passed a new ordinance on Tuesday requiring condo, homeowner and cooperative associations to tell applicants in writing the reason they’re being denied the ability to rent or buy a home. Commissioners who favored the ordinance said they have receive quite a few complaints […]

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