Laura Ingraham

Right-Wing Racist Laura Ingraham bounced $42,000 check

Racist Pundit Laura Ingraham Bounced $42,000 Check To Associated Press Trying To Save Floundering LifeZette The Associated Press is suing right-wing racist pundit Laura Ingraham for nearly $50,000. Laura Ingraham allegedly bounced a large check meant to cover unpaid licensing fees and lost revenue to AP. Ingraham’s fake news site LifeZette agreed to a year-long […]

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Video Fires Up Histrionic Foreclosure Activists

Histrionic Foreclosure Activists Fired Up Over Hillary Clinton Video They Claim Blames All Homeowners For 2008 Financial Crisis  A spliced video of Hillary Clinton made the rounds last week. Foreclosure activists claim the video shows Hillary Clinton blaming all homeowners for the financial collapse. The only problem is that Hillary Clinton didn’t say all homeowners are […]

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