Navient Busted Herding Student Loan Borrowers Into Default

Navient Busted Herding Student Loan Borrowers Into Default Then Using The Federal Government To Shake Them Down For Money Navient Corporation is the largest student loan servicer working under contract for Sallie Mae and the Department of Education. The servicer is also the most disorganized and the hardest to get information from. Their level of inept […]

student loan debt crisis

Pending Student Loan Debt Crisis Sets Off Alarms At Citibank

Citibank Sounds The Klaxon On Pending Student Loan Debt Crisis The pending student loan debt crisis is unnerving and it has all the same traits as the mortgage crisis. from a decade ago. Now a major player in the global financial markets is sounding alarms. Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions recently raises the specter to that […]

Student Loan Debt Collections

Student Loan Debt Collection Defense

Call In The Samurai Of Student Loan Debt Collection Defense Like the mortgage lenders before them, Student Loan Debt Collection agents have people convinced they can’t fight their student loan debt. Yet, MFI-Miami has again debunked the propaganda of sleaze from the Wall Street oligarchs. Just like we did with mortgage lenders. The only difference is […]

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Student Loan Nullified By MFI-Miami Attorney

MFI-Miami Attorney Julia Kefalinos Gets Student Loan Nullified By Miami Judge  The explosion of online and private colleges has made the student loan industry a lucrative business. Hence, driving student loan debt in the U.S. to $1.5 Trillion.  This debt is second only to mortgage debt and is larger than the debt Colombia owes the IMF. Private […]


Banks Urge Investors To Buy For Profit Colleges Stocks

Finance Industry Expects GOP Controlled Congress To Loosen Lending Guidelines For For-Profit Colleges and Universities Republicans have taken complete control of the federal government’s legislative process. The first thing on the agenda is to attack government regulations protect students at For-Profit Colleges. The GOP plans to attack it with the zeal of a fat guy […]

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