Janet Yellen Confirmed As New Fed Chair

From The Huffington Post The Senate confirmed Janet Yellen as the first woman to head the Federal Reserve on Monday. Yellen, who is succeeding Ben Bernanke, has been vice chair of the U.S. central bank since 2010. The Senate voted 56-26 to approve Yellen. More from the Associated Press: The Senate confirmed Janet Yellen on […]

Michigan Should Be Thankful For George W. Bush

Bush, not Obama, put up the first $17.4 billion to save the automakers before he left office. Jack Lessenberry, MetroTimes Well, it’s Thanksgiving weekend, and all across America, those who can afford it are getting ready to overeat. And this year, regardless of whether you’re eating turkey, Tofurkey, Turducken, ham, kale — or volunteer at a […]

Foreclosure Victims Make Surprising Return To Homeownership

Jilian Mincer, Reuters via Huffington Post When Jennifer Anderson’s family could no longer afford their mortgage and lost their home, she expected many years to pass before they would again become property owners. But less than two years later, in March, they purchased a $297,000 house outside Phoenix, Arizona, after qualifying for a loan backed […]

Lehman Docs Show Wall Street Arrogance Led To Financial Collapse

William D. Cohan, Bloomberg If one wants to understand the full complicity of Wall Street in the Great Recession, look no further than the voluminous package of pre-collapseLehman Brothers documents that have been made available by the law firm Jenner & Block LLP, which has acted as the coroner in the Lehman post-mortem. Most important, the cache dispels […]

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