New York Homeowners Form Conga Line To Florida

New York Homeowners Join Unhappy Business Owners In Conga Line To Florida The craziness in New York lately has driven New Yorkers to join business owners in their conga line to Florida. Armando Codina is one of them. He created a website about it to find more like-minded New York homeowners. He told Forbes: New […]

long island strip club

Long Island Strip Club Owner Sues New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Long Island Strip Club Owner Sues New York Governor Andrew Cuomo And SBA Over Covid-19 Restrictions Long Island strip club owner Sean McCarthy has owned Blush Gentleman’s Club in Commack since 1997. McCarthy claims New York State stripped of his constitutional rights. Now he has filed a federal lawsuit against Cuomo and the state of […]

Governor Andrew Cuomo And NYS Fast Track Hasidic Only Town

Hasidic Only Town Becomes A Reality As Andrew Cuomo Signs Off On Fast Tracking Kiryas Joel Expansion New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill allowing for America’s first Hasidic only town. The law also fast tracks the timetable for the official creation of the Hasidic only Town of Palm Tree. Voters approved a proposal last […]

Governor Andrew Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo Wants To Ban Income Discrimination In Housing

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Introduces A Bill To Ban Income Discrimination In Housing It’s an election year in New York and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is up for re-election this year. He’s campaigning hard by making promises to different groups of people. Something his primary opponent, Golden Girls: The Next Generation star Cynthia […]


Is Con-Edison Igniting A New Housing Crisis In New York?

Con-Edison Is Forcing People To Choose Between Freezing To Death Or Being Homeless As people in the New York metropolitan area began breathing a sigh of relief from brutal winter that has plagued most of the U.S. for the past five months, they were thrown into shock when they opened their Con-Edison bills this week […]

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