Toxic Taylor Sterling

Are Toxic Taylor Sterling And WTBQ Involved In A Legoland Payola Scheme?

Are Toxic Taylor Sterling And WTBQ Owner Frank Truatt Involved In A Lego Payola Scheme? Look at the picture to the left that Toxic Taylor Sterling posted on the WTBQ Facebook page. She brags about all the toys in the caption. Do you notice anything odd?  Most of the toys are Legos donated by Merlin […]

Ford Dealership

Why Is A Ford Dealership Supporting Jew Bashing On WTBQ?

Why Is Ford Dealership Leo Kaytes Ford Sponsoring Programs On WTBQ That Promote Bashing Hasidic Jews? Leo Kaytes Ford, a small Ford dealership is a major advertiser on radio station WTBQ in the Hudson Valley. The 500-watt WTBQ consists of non-stop paid infomercial programming with shows hosted by a diverse cast of characters with ties […]

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