Fox News

Fox News Blamed For Radicalizing The MAGA Bomber

MAGA Bomber Cesar Altieri Sayoc’s Lawyers Accuse Fox News Of Radicalizing Their Client  Attorneys for MAGA Bomber Cesar Altieri Sayoc say he became radicalized from daily consumption of Fox News and Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. This led him to start believing conspiracy theories on the internet. Cesar Altieri Sayoc’s attorneys wrote in their sentencing memo […]

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity Cashes In! Pockets Millions Of Dollars From Your Misery

Fox News Host Sean Hannity Cashed In On Peoples Misery By Snagging Up Fraudulent Foreclosures And Evicting People Fox News blabbermouth Sean Hannity harshly criticized the Obama Administration’s dealing with the financial crisis. Yet, it now appears he profited handsomely from the very policy he criticized publicly on his show. The Guardian has confirmed Hannity’s chosen investment […]

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