explaining foreclosure

Explaining Foreclosure To Your Kids

Explaining Foreclosure To Kids Isn’t Damaging To Their Psyche But Shocking Them On Moving Day Can Be Explaining foreclosure to kids is usually the last thing most parents do while facing foreclosure. Facing foreclosure is emotionally tough for adults. It makes them feel weak. It also makes them feel like failures as parents.  So they […]

CRA housing

NACA And CRA Housing Agencies Screwed Homeowners

NACA And CRA Housing Agencies Screwed Homeowners With Loan Modifications During the housing crisis, many homeowners went to CRA Housing Agencies seeking help to modify their loans. CRA Housing Agencies offered services for free and were the beneficiaries of free advertising from clueless politicians and their banking benefactors. Yes, CRAs are funded by the banking […]

1st Circuit COA

1st Circuit COA Affirms Conviction Of Mortgage Fraudster

1st Circuit COA Affirms Conviction and Sentencing of Mortgage Rescue Scammer Michael Prieto For Operating A Fraudulent Mortgage Rescue Scheme The 1st Circuit COA affirmed the conviction and sentencing of mortgage rescue scammer Michael Prieto. Prieto organized and managed a fraudulent mortgage rescue scheme. Prieto for his role in the scheme in 2013. He targeted and […]

Mortgage Fraudster Jennifer McTigue

Mortgage Fraudster Nabbed After Hiding In Plain Sight

Mortgage Fraudster Jennifer McTigue Dodged The FBI For 18 Months Living A Normal Life Until Neighbors Ratted Her Out Alleged Mortgage Fraudster, Jennifer McTigue got a surprise visit Saturday night and it wasn’t a candygram. The FBI, U.S. Marshals and the Honolulu Police converged on the Hawaii home where McTigue was staying. A federal judge […]


LA Woman Gets Slammer Time For Foreclosure Rescue Scam

Najia Jalan Used Bogus Names and Companies To Scam People Out Of $1.6 Million With Her Foreclosure Rescue Scam   A 30-year-old Najia Jalan from Costa Mesa, California pleaded guilty last week to federal charges stemming from a foreclosure rescue scam that targeted homeowners with bogus promises of mortgage relief. In October, 2014, knowing federal officials […]

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