Ford CFO

Ford CFO Warns Of Looming Recession As Car Loan Delinquencies Rise

Ford CFO John Lawler Warns Recession May Be On The Horizon. He Says Ford Credit Reports A Rise In Car Loan Delinquencies  Ford CFO John Lawler told a Deutsche Bank automotive conference last week that auto loan delinquencies start to increase. He said the automaker’s financing arm, Ford Credit, says it could be a warning […]

Ford Dealership

Why Is A Ford Dealership Supporting Jew Bashing On WTBQ?

Why Is Ford Dealership Leo Kaytes Ford Sponsoring Programs On WTBQ That Promote Bashing Hasidic Jews? Leo Kaytes Ford, a small Ford dealership is a major advertiser on radio station WTBQ in the Hudson Valley. The 500-watt WTBQ consists of non-stop paid infomercial programming with shows hosted by a diverse cast of characters with ties […]

second GM Bankruptcy

Is A Second GM Bankruptcy On The Horizon?

A Second GM Bankruptcy Is A Certainty If Customers Reject GM’s Use Of The DMCA To Force Them To Pay For Overpriced Dealer Maintenance   The the days of car owners playing grease monkey has slowly become a soon to be lost art and Detroit automakers want to put the stake through the heart of a […]

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