Wells Fargo Gouges Homeowner With Forced-Placed Insurance

A South Florida homeowner is suing, saying he and many others have been gouged by lenders working in cahoots with insurance companies to enact force-placed policies. Adam H. Beasley, Miami Herald Think your homeowners insurance is outrageous? Mark Kunzelmann likely has you beat. Kunzelmann, a 49-year-old network specialist, let the policy on his four-bedroom, North […]

Look Who’s Pushing Homeowners Off the Foreclosure Cliff

Bloomberg Editorial One of the more confounding aspects of the U.S. housing crisis has been the reluctance of lenders to do more to assist troubled borrowers. After all, when homes go into foreclosure, banks lose money. Now it turns out some lenders haven’t merely been unhelpful; their actions have pushed some borrowers over the foreclosure […]

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