Wilbur Ross

Wilbur Ross Accused Of Siphoning $120 Million From Partners

Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Accused Of Siphoning $120 Million From His Partners And Stealing Packets Of Sweet ‘N Low President Trump’s “billionaire” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is accused of siphoning off $120 million from business partners. Wilbur Ross is also accused of being a pathological liar. A Forbes magazine article outlined the allegations that led to […]

Michigan Residents

Michigan Residents Are In Denial As State Dies A Slow Agonizing Death

Michigan Residents Must Really Believe Denial Is A River In Egypt Several months ago, I wrote a blog about how Detroit’s problems and it’s bankruptcy are just a symptom Michigan’s bigger problems. I compared Michigan residents to the morbidly obese guy you see at Walmart with an amputated foot, heart disease and renal failure wearing a colonoscopy […]

Take That East St. Louis! Detroit Is Ranked Most Miserable City In America

Detroit Suburbs Rank #7 Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami Forbes Magazine released their annual list of the top 20 most miserable cities in America and the City of Detroit was ranked the number one most miserable city in America beating out it’s rust belt sister Flint that ranked number two. Detroit’s ranking really is no surprise considering […]

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