Wilbur Ross

Wilbur Ross Accused Of Siphoning $120 Million From Partners

Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Accused Of Siphoning $120 Million From His Partners And Stealing Packets Of Sweet ‘N Low President Trump’s “billionaire” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is accused of siphoning off $120 million from business partners. Wilbur Ross is also accused of being a pathological liar. A Forbes magazine article outlined the allegations that led to […]

Michigan Residents

Michigan Residents Are In Denial As State Dies A Slow Agonizing Death

Michigan Residents Must Really Believe Denial Is A River In Egypt Several months ago, I wrote a blog about how Detroit’s problems and it’s bankruptcy are just a symptom Michigan’s bigger problems. I compared Michigan residents to the morbidly obese guy you see at Walmart with an amputated foot, heart disease and renal failure wearing a colonoscopy […]

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