Want To Stop Your Foreclosure?

You Stop Your Foreclosure By Acting Like Michael Corleone Not Joan Crawford If you want to stop your foreclosure you need to let go of all emotion. It’s harsh but it is exactly what I tell my potential clients. I tell them I don’t care if it’s where you raised their kids or if Fluffy […]

Foreclosure Mill Lawyer

Is A Foreclosure Mill Lawyer Moonlighting As An Angry Black Feminist Poet?

Florida Foreclosure Mill Lawyer Lacks The Raw Passion Of Pam Grier Or The Dynamite Kick of Tamara Dobson Last week, a law firm asked me to do something I had not done since my days in politics. They asked me to do what political strategists call “Opposition Research” on a Florida Foreclosure Mill lawyer in a case I […]

Fannie Mae Is Coming To Get You Barbara!

Fannie Mae Hires Firm To Go After Zombie Mortgage Debt This summer, hundreds of Florida residents found out they are now facing new ramifications for defaulting on their Fannie Mae backed mortgages. Fannie Mae has hired Texas based collections company Dyck O’Neal to aggressively pursue unpaid mortgage debt from Florida properties that were foreclosed on […]

MFI-Miami Client Does To Deutsche Bank What The Russians Did To Their Wehrmacht Grandfathers

MFI-Miami Client Finally Receives Foreclosure Dismissal With Prejudice After Fending Off Five Foreclosure Attempts By OCWEN And Deutsche Bank   MFI-Miami client Lee Friedman was one of MFI-Miami’s first clients in 2008. We immediately found signature forgeries on his loan documents and other serious fraudulent actions. These actions were taken by his originating lender, Michigan-based Home Loan […]

MFI-Miami Clients

Palm Beach Court Starts Another Push To Clear Foreclosures

Palm Beach County Chief Judge Jeffrey Colbath is attempting to hasten Palm Beach County’s foreclosure process one more time as previous efforts to streamline the system and the approval of last year’s controversial fast-track foreclosure law have shown limited success. In March, Colbarth signed an order requiring attorneys who file certain motions in foreclosure cases to set a hearing date within five days or face judicial […]

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