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JPMorgan Chase Quits Foreclosure Battle 90 Minutes Before Trial

JPMorgan Chase Quits 5 1/2 Year Foreclosure Case  I received some good news last week when I was getting ready to drive to Miami to testify at a foreclosure trial. My client’s attorney called to inform that JPMorgan Chase was throwing in the towel. JPMorgan Chase had filed a motion to voluntarily dismiss with prejudice […]

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U.S. Supreme Court Rules No More Second Lien Stripping In BK

Justices Side With Bank Of America’s Fantasy That Second Lien Stripping Is Unnecessary Because Property Values Will Rebound To Antediluvian Levels The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a killer blow to homeowners in bankruptcy Monday by ruling that homeowners who declare bankruptcy can’t void a second mortgage through Second Lien Stripping even if the home is underwater and is worth […]

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Florida’s Infamous Rocket Docket To Die July 1st

Now Bad Foreclosure Lawyers Won’t Have The Rocket Docket As An Excuse For Losing Florida’s infamous Rocket Docket, the streamlined, high-speed processing of foreclosure cases will be disappearing starting July 1st, after six years as the number of new cases continues to decline. After June 30, The Florida Legislature is no longer funding a statewide […]

Butler And Hosch

Foreclosure Mill Butler And Hosch Bites The Dust

Butler And Hosch, P.A. Blames Its Rapid Expansion For its Demise One of Florida’s oldest foreclosure mills, Butler and Hosch, P.A. has shut its doors and laid off its entire staff. Butler & Hosch had been rapidly expanding its presence across the country. Butler and Hosch, P.A. filed an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors to Florida law firm […]

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FL 4th DCA Slaps Foreclosure Mills

The FL 4th DCA Closes a Loophole Exploited By Foreclosure Mills   The Florida 4th District Court of Appeals has handed down a ruling that would end the practice of foreclosure mill attorneys introducing into evidence original copies of undated mortgage notes endorsed in blank after the foreclosure lawsuit is filed. Foreclosure mills in Florida […]

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