mortgage document fraud

Florida County To Investigate Mortgage Document Fraud

1st Step In Crackdown Against Foreclosure Mills Committing Mortgage Document Fraud Osceola County Clerk of the Courts in suburban Orlando has begun looking into mortgage document fraud. They are reviewing mortgage and foreclosure filings looking for Mortgage Document Fraud filed by lenders and foreclosure mills.  The Clerk has no legal authority to sue the individuals or entities involved […]

Foreclosures To Increase With QE Ending And GOP Majority In The US Senate

In case you missed it last week, the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee has ended bond purchases, finishing its third round of quantitative easing and this could adversely affect the “recovering” housing market next year. With less money being pumped into the system, the less likely banks and lenders will be to offer loan […]

Florida Barbie Is A Puppet Of Deep Pocketed Lobbyists? Say Ain’t So!

With Less Than A week Before Her Re-Election, Florida Media Finally Makes A Big Deal About Florida Barbie Being A Puppet To Special Interest Groups With less than a week to go before the November election, the Miami Herald, one of the last major newspapers in Florida, is finally running a piece about Florida Attorney […]

Specialized Loan Servicing

MFI-Miami Forces Specialized Loan Servicing Into $1.8M Settlement

After a 2 Year Legal Fight With MFI-Miami Client, Specialized Loan Servicing Agrees To 11th Hour Settlement Before Trial Bill and Doreen would have ended up in divorce court had MFI-Miami and their lawyer not reached an 11th hour deal with Specialized Loan Servicing. Their troubles began the attempt to modify their home in Delray […]

Is The Florida Rocket Docket Just An Excuse Used By Bad Lawyers?

The Florida Rocket Docket Arena Is Where The Strong Survive And The Weak Perish The Florida rocket docket didn’t exist when I started MFI-Miami in 2008. There were less than 10 attorneys in all of Florida that did foreclosure defense. In 2011, that number ballooned to over 500. Most of these lawyers were starving title […]

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