Florida Attorney Pleaded Guilty

Scumbag Florida Attorney Pleaded Guilty In Tax Fraud Scheme

Scumbag Florida Attorney Pleaded Guilty To Making $10 Million In Fraudulent Charitable Contribution Scam A Florida attorney pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States and tax evasion. Florida attorney Michael L. Meyer promoted an illegal tax shelter scheme involving false charitable deductions. It also appears Meyers was not a member of the Florida […]

Substance Abuse Among Florida Lawyers

Substance Abuse Among Florida Lawyers Is At An All Time High

Substance Abuse Among Florida Lawyers Is At An All Time High! Has Your Attorney’s Integrity Been Compromised By Addiction? Substance abuse among Florida lawyers is on the rise. So, you need to ask yourself one big question. Is my lawyer high or drunk? There is a good possibility they are. Let’s be realistic. The legal profession […]

Bad Florida Lawyer

A Bad Florida Lawyer Will Do These 11 Things! So Run!

Florida Is A Cesspool Of Crooked And Incompetently Bad Lawyers. These Are The 11 Signs You Have A Bad Florida Lawyer! Believe it or not, if you have a bad Florida lawyer,  you are not alone. Bad lawyers are everywhere in Florida and the Florida Bar refuses to do anything about it. However, that is […]

Florida Attorney Malpractice: Is It Malpractice Or Mistakes?

Florida Attorney Malpractice: When Do A Florida Lawyer’s Mistakes Constitute Malpractice? Potential clients ask MFI-Miami all the time about Florida Attorney Malpractice. Pissed off homeowners usually call and ask for help days before Sheriff’s Deputies are on their way to evict them. By that point, the homeowners only option is to rent a box up […]

Florida Lawyers Gone Wild

Florida Lawyers Gone Wild! Lawyer Gets Drunk And Strips Naked

Florida Lawyers Gone Wild! Drunken Lawyer Stripped Naked In A Bar And Refused To Put Her Clothes Back On On Tonight’s Episode of Florida Lawyers Gone Wild: Police in Saint Pete Beach have arrested a Florida lawyer. Authorities say Attorney Kelly Elkins stripped completely nude at a bar after being refused service because she was […]

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