Florida HOA Lawyers

Florida HOA Lawyers Preparing To Foreclose En Masse

Cha-Ching! Florida HOA Lawyers Are Preparing To Foreclose En Masse On Homeowners Delinquent On Their HOA Dues Florida HOAs and Florida HOA Lawyers are watching you. They are keeping a close eye on if you are making your HOA payments during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the Florida tourism and hospitality industries. […]

Why Is A Wall Street Firm Forcing These Condo Owners To Bend Over?

Wall Street Firm GSS Holdings Bought 80% Of The Units, Now Wants Holdouts To Sell To Them At A 75% Loss A David and Goliath battle of is being waged at a suburban Tampa condominium complex. It’s pitting a handful of homeowners of The Madison Oaks Condominium Complex against a Wall Street firm. It all began […]

St. Petersburg Times Editorial Calls for Fixing HOA Loophole

Florida legislators can’t anticipate every legal loophole that some unscrupulous person will exploit, which is why they have to stay nimble and respond to scams when they arise. The latest one demanding a legislative response is an opening in state foreclosure law that allows investors to get title to properties for pennies on the dollar […]

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