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More Homeowners Are Getting Busted Committing Mortgage Fraud

More Homeowners Are Lying On Mortgage Applications Hoping To Get Better Terms On Financing  Dash Home Loans Division President Paul Carini told Business Insider more homeowners are lying on mortgage applications. He said he received a call from one of his loan officers recently. She had serious concerns about a borrower. The borrower lived in […]


FinCEN To Require Reporting Of Cash Real Estate Deals

FinCEN Orders Title Insurance Companies To Report All Cash Real Estate Transactions For Sales In Manhattan and Miami The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network aka FinCEN issued new Geographic Targeting Orders. FinCen now requires title insurance companies to identify people behind LLCs who pay cash for high-end residential real estate in Manhattan and Miami. The agency sees the new rules as a […]

Is The Federal Reserve Afraid Of A Little Healthy Competition?

Is the Government Trying to Kill Digital Currency?   Rob Blackwell, American Banker The regulatory crackdown on Liberty Reserve is stoking fears that banks may soon begin severing relationships with digital currency providers and exchanges, effectively stifling their growth due to institutions’ fears of potential prosecution. Government officials targeted Liberty Reserve in part because it […]

JPMorgan Chase Expected To Ge Spanked By Uncle Sam

Brett Wolf and Carrick Mollenkamp and Emily Flitter, Reuters via Huffington Post A U.S. regulatory probe of JP Morgan Chase & Co is expected to result in an order that the bank correct lapses in how it polices suspect money flows, in an action expected as soon as Friday, people familiar with the situation said. […]

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