FHA Mortgage Alert

FHA Mortgage Alert! FHA Extends Foreclosure And Eviction Moratorium

FHA Issues FHA Mortgage Alert. FHA Directs Mortgage Servicers To Halt All Foreclosure Actions Until August 31st. HUD has issued an FHA Mortgage alert. HUD announced FHA is extending its foreclosure and eviction moratorium through August 31, 2020. This is the second extension the FHA has enacted since the COVID-19 pandemic began. FHA issued its first extension […]

New FHA Foreclosure Defense In Massachusetts

Massachusetts Courts Have Given The Green Light To A New FHA Foreclosure Defense Strategy FHA foreclosure defense is easier than conventional foreclosure defense because the FHA lending rules are codified. This means that that the United States Congress has voted on it and made it law. However, that doesn’t make the process of saving your home any […]

FHA Foreclosure

How To Beat An FHA Foreclosure Without Acting Like A Crazy Cat Lady

You Can Beat An FHA Foreclosure Without The Crazy Cat Lady Style Antics Of Mark Stopa In many ways, an FHA foreclosure is easier to beat than a conventional or subprime mortgage. The cool thing is that you don’t have to behave like a crazy cat lady to get your way like Mark Stopa. My way will […]

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