LPS in Robo-Signing Deal Talks Said to Exceed $200 Million

Jesse Hamilton, Bloomberg Lender Processing Services Inc. (LPS) is in talks with regulators that could lead to a settlement of more than $200 million over improper and fraudulent foreclosure paperwork after the 2008 credit crisis, according to people briefed on the discussions. The deal would resolve claims that LPS falsified documents related to home seizures, including […]

Sheila Bair Says Obama Foreclosure Program ‘Cheated Borrowers’

Arthur Delaney, Huffington Post Former bank regulator Sheila Bair cringed when President Barack Obama promised at an Arizona high school gymnasium in 2009 that his administration could save millions of homes from foreclosure. “If lenders and home buyers work together, and the lender agrees to offer rates that the borrower can afford, then we’ll make […]

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