CNBC Promotes Video Of Host Rick Santelli Having Nonsensical And Idiotic Rant

CNBC Host Santelli Goes Ape Shit When Other Hosts Call Him Out For Never Being Accurate CNBC talking head Rick Santelli went on an epic rant about Janet Yellin and Fed policy. You may remember Santelli. Santelli is the guy who called for a rebellion against Obama less than 60 days after Obama was sworn […]

AIG Mulling Lawsuit Alleging Unfair Bailout Terms By U.S. Government

Reuters via Huffington Post American International Group Inc, the insurer rescued by the U.S. government in 2008 with a bailout that ultimately totaled $182 billion, may now join a lawsuit against the government alleging the terms of the deal were unfair. The news prompted a swift reaction from one of AIG’s rescuers, with the Federal […]

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