FDNY firefighters

FDNY Firefighters Get Help Fighting Their Foreclosures

MFI-Miami Is Giving Back To New York’s Bravest! We’re Giving FDNY Firefighters Facing Foreclosure 67% Off! New York is an amazing city. FDNY Firefighters are some of the most amazing and dedicated firefighters you can ever meet.  When I started offering MFI-Miami services to the people of New York City in 2012, I soon fell in […]


Mass Exodus Of NYPD And FDNY Fleeing Monroe, New York

NYPD And FDNY Personnel Are Packing Up And Leaving Monroe, New York Many NYPD and FDNY personnel moved their families out of New York City after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Nearly 5,000 of them migrated 70 miles north where they found inexpensive homes and good schools in the Town of Monroe.  That was a […]

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